HSR Uptrend and good news!

BINANCE:HSRBTC   Hshare / Bitcoin
I do my own research and TA, don't invest if you did not do you own research. I am up for ideas and feedback!

MACD looks promising, RSI looks pretty good too, EMA 55 on 3 hours chart about to cross, shorter charts already crossed and supposedly 4 hours Chart will follow within the next hours too!

Additionally news for HSR:

- Hcash Main Chain will be launched in mid-February
- The UBTC airdrop for HSR holders The block-height of the HSR snapshot will be the block at 12:00 UTC on the 1st day of each month, starting 1st of March!

We still have plents of room up!

I am positive and thankful for negative and other feedback :)

Entered @ 0.001330
手動結束交易: BTC correction with the last wave down began, when BTC reached 9065, downtrend for now.
BTC takes probably all Altcoins down, I took my profit of this trade @ 1435, could have been worse.

I will update my HSR thoughts when BTC is down and starts rising again. HSR has good potential, volume from ~300.000 at entrance went to approx. 900.000 within less than 18 hours.
交易進行: Trade is active, I just joined the party. Next target incoming
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