HIVE has been very quiet. Sleeping giant is about to take off!

HIVE has an option to acquire at least four additional data centres from Genesis in Iceland and/or Sweden.

Sweden Phase 1 is the first digital currency mining facility jointly constructed by HIVE and Genesis Mining Ltd. (“Genesis”), the world’s largest digital currency mining hashpower provider. Sweden Phase 1 was completed on budget and utilizes custom Genesis-designed A2 mining rigs that are more efficient than prior generations. Genesis is HIVE’s strategic partner and major shareholder and operates the Company’s facilities under a master services agreement.

Wake me at the end of 2018 for my 10x return.
How does this compare to Hut8 mining backed by Nova and RIOT. I think Hut might be closest thing it that may challenge this stock, i think if you are a believer in this market these stocks are getting really tempting, buying bottoms and should trade i would think similar to alt coins following BTC pricing.

What you guys think of the competition?
wow broke south out of that triangle !!! NOBODY was expecting that ! ---- bottomed out at $1 though -- should be slllloww incline near 4 dollars by years end
Got crushed by the Crypto crash but I think you are right and have added to my position on what looks like the crypto bottom.
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Yifter FiberStage
@FiberStage, this thing can't find a bottom. Has so much potential. LOTS of FUD in crypto world today
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