Flag Pennant Breakout Giving $0.85c Target

Hazer Group today broke out on light volume . The previous move (spurred by material news in regards to their graphite and hydrogen technology) of ~65% from $0.41 to $0.68 represents a move of $0.27 which gives this latest movement a target of $0.85. This also correlates with the historical all-time high.

Since the initial move the on 3/10/17 the previous price action has consolidated on declining volume indicating that sellers are done, the move to the upside confirms this.

With a HOA recently announced with ASX:MIN for the development of a battery grade graphite plant and a further MOU signed with Primetals for investigation of hydrogen refinement of iron ore there are several progressions possible which may act as catalysts in the near term.

“Hazer’s mission is to play a significant role across three multi-billion dollar global markets. Hazer’s technology can potentially provide an innovative solution for the global industrial hydrogen market, by producing hydrogen at lower cost than alternative options, while also reducing users’ CO2 footprint. The low-emissions associated with the Hazer Process also potentially provides a gateway for hydrogen to more effectively penetrate the sustainable energy market for both vehicle fuel and stationary power applications. Hazer is also looking to provide high quality synthetic graphite for energy storage and other large global graphite applications.”

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