Iconomi Fund.

Maybe the first chart of Iconomi ( ICN ) published on Tradingview

-First pump can explain by the first listed exchanger: Kraken ICN/XBT + Liqui. io
-The dump was the delayed release of the plateform ( End of december delayed to 2017 ), we will see maybe the release before the end of January

-0.30$ per ICN is cheap, very cheap for a project like that,

ICN have many fund: Iconomi Index Fund, Iconomi Performance Fund & Iconomi Open fund management.


IMO IF Iconomi work 101% good and dev take them promises, we will see a new era on crypto world, Iconomi is the link between old economi & the " new " economie digital.


- 1$
- 3-4$
- 10$ ( after distribution of dividends ).

Good luck !
交易進行: We gonna test the ATH resistance at 0.00038 / 0.00039.3 and 0.00041

Thank to @yolofarts
評論: This chart is only for have a idea of support/resistance/floor on this new Token ICN, its just a indicator, i used the many lines from my friend @andresthomashirakawa because we can watch better and anticipated this value.
交易進行: ICN will touch thesupport at 0.00037 before to try break the resistance again.

Time to catch some cheap ICN

Good Trade
評論: we are in mid january 2017, new floor on icn and no news about release for now.

Be patient & lets see the second half of january.
交易進行: Blockchain event over. ( 09/02/2017 )

Team of icn pussy dont say something special or announce for release date.

Need to have:

-2 more exchanges ( the best will be Poloniex + Bittrex )
-Release of ICNX fund
-acquisition of more coins
-a good volume h24

Hold, wait and see.
Love to ride the ICN moon train!
100% agree. Also many thanks to @YoloFarts
+2 回覆
Madofff ThaClown
@ThaClown, HOLDING train !, the charts is the most easy chart in trading i think hahaha
Why not on Poloniex?
Madofff CoinDreamer
@CoinDreamer, When the plateform will be release and the first dividend work, we will see more exchangers with more liquidity for ICNX token
Madofff AndresThomasShirakawa
@AndresThomasShirakawa, Thanks hermano
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