ICX Profit Taking for a Few Candles

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Looks like ICX is due for a very short-term correction (hours - few days). I have noticed that ICX has retraced about 30% from its highs every time on the 6 hour chart, so I am expect the same here.

The dotted lines are were all of the my alerts are set, .00067 or 10% lower from here is where I want to start adding for the moderate short-term ramp (3 weeks) into the mainnet launch and beyond.

I sold my previous longs at .00076 and will add back 10% lower.
評論: It looks like there's two channels on ICX the upper shown by the upper blue line and the lower shown by the lower shaded parallel lines on the lower.

If we take the midpoint of the lower trend range and follow the purple 21 moving average up, I estimate the buy zone to be around .000675. Price typically always reverts back to the 21 sma (especially in short time frames). A more conservative buy zone would be the lower band of the shade bottom trend.

ICX moves like a beast so we may not even get there, but I will update accordingly.
評論: The middle trend line is a must buy but we need to understand the Korean FUD a bit more.
評論: it looks like we are still within the bottom channel and appear to be taking a stand at a potential bounce spot. The ICXUSD chart was decimated along with the broader BTCUSD market, but ICXBTC is holding strong nonetheless. If we recover here, the double bottom as shown on the horizontal blue line will be.

ICON Mainnet will officially launch on January 24, 2018, one week before 2018 ICON Annual Summit. That's 2 hits in a row in a matter of 8 days. Asian loyal investments are looking for an alternative top 10 candidate other than TRX.


I don't think it is going to get to .000675. I think .000730 is a reasonable safe buy point.

Good Luck!
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jwilli15 karimhb
@karimhb, Just rebought my small token size for lesser BTC. There seems to be a little FUD happening right now, so we shall see in the morning. GL
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