ICX Pattern Prediction


Short, unorthodox fundamental analysis on ICX, specifically relating to how it might move in the future. They have big news out next week as well (check the reddit).

The size of the moves as well as the fib retracement ligns up with certain support levels that suggest a similar, 30% move is coming in the future. These moves are often initiated by news, which happens to be coming out this week for this company.

Resistances drawn at the 4h close. Fib using the wicks. Symmetric triangle on the latest consolidation.

My first published idea. Please give me some feedback!
I'll be honest. Most predictions have been rather ambitious to say the least. This prediction whilst not favourable has been the closest prediction so i commend you on that. I would have liked if you added action points ti your prediction i.e buy at ( number here) that way your predictions are helpful , actionable and accurate.
I don't think it'll drop too much, but I do think it'll move sideways and form a C&H
thank you. hope you are right. looks pretty good to me. happy fist published idea to you!:) and first follower)
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