353 5
possible breakout heading towards previous high currently respecting trend line on the 4hr, test of resistance at 8500 could we see this explode up? appreciate thoughts?
評論: if i chart wrong, have my lines drawn incorrect feel free to educate me on my ta's, im all about learning and gaining experience..every little bit of advice helps, thank you..
評論: broke through the 8500 resistance and still heading north, testing and bouncing off the 9200 trend line, 1500 rise since my last update..
Poor trendlines drawn
dedlly tylergriffsmith
@tylergriffsmith, thanks for the observation, Im only learning ta so any advice to contribute would be appreciated, how would of you drawn your trend lines? tia
Most likely will break out after Korean exchange listing or perhaps before during the icx summit on the 31st. exchange listings to watch for are at coinone (Jan 31st?) and OKcoin - Korea (early feb?). Both will most likely offer an ICX/WON pairing which is what the Koreans prefer.
Maximilian108 Maximilian108
@Maximilian108, I am seeing a similar ascending triangle, but my lines are slightly different.
dedlly Maximilian108
@Maximilian108, cheers max :) at least im roughly on track, thanks for the info..
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