Thoughts on ICON (ICX). Continued bullish run is coming

ICX is likely to rebound strong from this purple level

Separately, there was a major breakout on AION today. I expect AION to outperform ICX. I am long both.
評論: Possible pennant formation is developing. This needs to hold to OUTPERFORM ethereum. If pennant breaks it does not mean bearish for ICX, but could mean underperformance. I am still in the bullish camp.

評論: Approaching target one. Watch for major breakout
交易結束:目標達成: Taking profit on ICX and converting into Ether. I've doubled my money on ICX. Think Ether will take charge from here at least for the medium term.
Do you think the BTC rise is going to slow down the breakout for ICX? If yes, please help me understand how?

What is the right strategy for this situation?
Take out the money from ICX at the stop loss and put it in BITCOIN or just HODL?
@XVGTRON, No, I do not. I will personally pay very little attention to bitcoin's rise until the middle of Spring or end of Spring. As long as Ethereum stays in control, then the alts and ether have an advantage over bitcoin. I am personally HODL ICX. See chart below. Ether still has the strength.

@Lanmar, Thank you for the reply. ICX is behaving exactly as you said.

I have another question - How certain is it that after reaching a target there is going to be a correction every time?

Do you think it is a good idea to sell some of my profit here and buy back the coin at the dip?
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