Watch out for Scams / Telegramm Groups

BITTREX:INCNTBTC   Incent / Bitcoin
I don't know if you know the Telegramm Group "Diamond Signals" or "Pump Community". In my mind these Groups are like scams, I just want to warn you to be real careful.

In these groups there is been told that at a certain time there will be pump on a coin and they tell everyone to wait until the exact same minute to buy some of this coins after (for profits > 100%), they tell something from 3 waves (you should split investments into 3 parts) and after the first wave you should post Fakenews on social media (they provide faked screen, ppl believe in the group they are real) to prepare for the next even bigger wave which should come later (in fact it doesnt come).

At the exact time of the promote they write out as a signal and while everyone is getting there to set a order they pump their own valume in, everyone else buys at the high price where they sell off, and actually you make a real loss (I tried that out once and participated and lost 40%, set the order about 30sec after their announcement and bought at the very top).

Maybe im wrong and they are no scam but thats the view I got, I just want to warn you to be really careful about such groups and never ever put a too huge sum into it, and verify the information they give, scroll back to the history trades and what they posted and you probably see lots of fake screenshots and other stuff.

They are linking stuff like:

And Fakenews:
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