INS Ecosystem head and shoulders pattern

BINANCE:INSBTC   Insolar / Bitcoin
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I'm seeing a clear head and shoulder pattern.

What do you guys think?

Did some research on this coin in the past few days and the fundamentals are looking really good.
Solid team with great experience in the grocery industry.
When the coin is going to drop , I will build a solid position in this coin.

The goal for my buy in is at the 100hour MA.
Buy in-0.0005100

Let me know what you think and what are your thoughts on this coin?

評論: We dropped below the 100h MA. This could be a sign that we will drop further more.
Changed my buy in to: 0.0004800

This is a long term hold. For at least a year.


So after the head and shoulders pattern we've had a clear down trend that is still going on. But what I'm hoping for now is a cup pattern with a break out.

As I mentioned before I do really believe in this coin for the long term hold for at least a year. Do your own research and you will find out.

If you do not agree with me, I would definitely like to get some feedback!


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