BINANCE:INSBTC   INS Ecosystem / Bitcoin
New coin added to binance with an awesome team. MACD looks bullish along with the RSI which is following an uptrend line. We all love triangles and according to the one on the graph... there seems to be a breakout in the making. With a LOW TOTAL COIN SUPPLY of only 50,000,000 (2x that of BTC             ), this coin is severly undervalued. As always DYOR and this is not financial advice!
well said. im holding the crap outa mine.ive been following ins for a few months, seem solid. good call!
cryptoknight_90 capitalcrypto
@capitalcrypto, I was not able to get into the ICO but have been watching it and it seems like the early investors took profits and new buyers started buying in at around 0.00037 BTC value which is good enough for me. I expect at least a 2-3x on this one from that price. I am not sure what the ICO price was in BTC but I am sure that the profits are juicy already for those who got in early!
capitalcrypto cryptoknight_90
@cryptoknight_90, short term profits. going up. long term holder here :)
cryptoknight_90 capitalcrypto
@capitalcrypto, It popped off right at the vertical line I had indicated but in my opinion it was a failed breakout. It is still holding at the support really well. It is a good long term hold, that I agree with you no doubt! To the moon!
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