IOC big push ahead

BITTREX:IOCBTC   I/OCoin / Bitcoin
Excellent combo of TA and news ahead. TA calls for 75k next stop. And yeah, 17-19 jan CEO is at bitcoin conference Miami, announcing tech and business dev news!
評論: Volume profile suggest bottom sellers and impatient bagholders are out of steem.
評論: not sure what happened with all alts crashing yesterday during a flash pump of BTC. ioc included. however, recovery on alts was quick and we are back in the channel, hoping for a breakout without retrace.
交易進行: We are steadily going up. I think we are not even close yet to any kind of fomo phase. dont miss to follow ioc on telegram for more updates on Miami conference! choo choo
交易進行: Broke thru daily cloud, strong bull trend confirmation. Currently at gann resistance, once this is cleared, significant up move expected.
評論: Broke through daily cloud and 1/1 gann. i see next stop @ 80k
How long do you think it will take to 80k? Nice analysis btw!
when do I buy the dip?
is this trading idea still in takt? also according to the charttechnic? thx
@Futura007, this trade is hotter than ever
Futura007 RikiFromTheBlock
@RikiFromTheBlock, it looks so, thx dude
Futura007 RikiFromTheBlock
@RikiFromTheBlock, what u thoughts about Cloak? thx
IOC on the march.
Nice TA. The announcements are going to be pretty darn big.
Futura007 cryptmo_gainz
@cryptmo_gainz, what u wrote here, couldn't be meant serious! TA? it did go down ...
@Futura007, Everything just dipped. Not sure I was talking one hour charts.
RikiFromTheBlock cryptmo_gainz
@cryptmo_gainz, we are still in the ascending triangle channel!
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