IoP/BTC showing a strong trend.

BITTREX:IOPBTC   Internet Of People / Bitcoin
Hi all,

This is my first analysis. This coin in particular is a community I jumped in a while back.

Disclaimer: I have to admit that currently I have an active role in this community and therefore this analysis can be seen as biased.

But apart from that. The following trend line I do want to share. It's taken over almost a month time and shows increasing support for this coin. I would think that therefor it's a solid investment for the long term.

I will be reviewing different coins later on as well as update my thoughts on IoP.

Cris aka Memnon
評論: Hoping that this prediction will happen:

it broke the channel, but BTC is destroying everything. I own IOP and Im not selling it
IoP can go to 0.002 next months, its one of undervalued coins with little Market Cap
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