BINANCE:IOSTBTC   Internet of Services / Bitcoin
up arrows for days
評論: whoops fib got misaligned. target still roughly the same
I just bought it at 455SAT. My sell target is at 500SAT. Wish me luck :)
@decniner, I wish you'd learn chart patterns instead because you're gonna regret dumping it at 500
This moves extremely slow. ! This is mainly for long term hodl. Not trading! Im out!
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Vermillionz CryptoBuzzAnalyst
@CryptoBuzzAnalyst, no short term targets?
@Vermillionz, Nope! Im out! I sold at 0.0000470 at 10:AM today! I hodled for 7 days when I bought it at the exact price. What a waste of my valuable time! Its a good long term hold. But Im a trader with no intentions to tie up my money with this deal for now! Good luck!
PoloVita_ClimbingVine CryptoBuzzAnalyst
@CryptoBuzzAnalyst, Holding is stupid.
Only buying coins that are currently rocketing upwards and expected to catch that in time to the reward anywhere near the risk is stupid.
Buying this coin last week and then watching it fall without stopping yourself out is stupid

But hey if you wanna buy stuff and then sell it a week later at break even and then call yourself a trader be my guest
CryptoBuzzAnalyst PoloVita_ClimbingVine
@PoloVita_ClimbingVine, day trading is not stupid, swing trading is not stupid. Tying up your cash on a non performing coin IMO is very stupid! Investing on some 90% of these coins which will never do nothing is STUPID! that has already been proven! So, every man plays his own cards that he was dealt on his poker game! So don't judge anyone!
PoloVita_ClimbingVine CryptoBuzzAnalyst
@CryptoBuzzAnalyst, I'm judging you twice as hard now. 100%+ ROJ minimum
this aint that hard
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