BINANCE:IOSTBTC   Internet of Services / Bitcoin
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Circulating supply 11 billion x 0.092667 USD = 1billion+ market cap,
Good luck to all, remember dont invest what you cannot afford to lose.

Still learning how to use charts, as long as bottoms are higher the trend is bullish
評論: Stop loss 0.00000710
Targets 0.00000900

My trend line angle is a little off, but the idea is there. I double published the idea by accident
評論: Binance MACD 5 minute candle sticks shows oversold
Remember always do your due diligence, and diversify your positions.
If you make gains and want to support and encourage me to learn and continue posting news donate here.
iost wallet 0xfea15d91322b90aaf9d0cde9bb41752e46bc5a8f
BTC wallet 18aPTPfKA7aaLkwNjfKtAAfZrejpmYcJiq

Coins on my current watch list MAID (MaidSafeCoin)
VIA (Viacoin)
MCO (Monaco)
last but not least with special news today MSP (Mothership) today they're having an airdrop click the link below, once airdrop is finished they will ask you to send them your ETH deposit address to receive your free coins.
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