BINANCE:IOSTBTC   Internet of Services / Bitcoin

Buy: 0.00000457

Target 1: 0.00000500
Target 2: 0.00000523
Target 3: 0.00000670
Target 4: 0.00000790

Stop loss: 0.00000400
交易進行: First target hit for an 11% gain
評論: Second and third target hit for a 49% gain
評論: 4th target approaching, long term trend line holding nicely, have added some new targets - 900, 1050, 1400 some rumours it will be listed on a korean exchange in the coming days. -
評論: IOST 76% PROFIT - 4th target hit on the at the start of the month.
it is looking good today
Quite correct at 450 at the moment. Had a dump from 461 to 440 for whatever reason.
Thanks to this buy signal. Just bought it at 457SAT. Aiming for target #2. Wish me luck :)
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