Looking for a breakout within the next week! Daily chart looks bullish . Great scalp at the beginning of the week. We didn't get the breakout we were looking for this; but this could be it in the upcoming week.... We're a smidge over due, don't ya think?
Looks like we need moon now
Zeroface berkkarabacak
@berkkarabacak, It's been a minute. Get it is while it's cheap!
Zeroface berkkarabacak
@berkkarabacak, Been some really great scalping lately for IOTA as well. Buyin' it cheap, and setting limit orders over a day or so. Great environment for building your position.
berkkarabacak berkkarabacak
@berkkarabacak, 40 percent of my money in IOTA. bought 2 days ago.IOTA has the worst monthly performance among top 20 coins
Zeroface berkkarabacak
@berkkarabacak, Personally I've been seeing it move during the day between 24500 Satoshis and 29500 Satoshis. Sometimes higher. I've been using the opportunity to trade up and build a stronger IOTA position for when it runs up. It has bee pretty stagnant but it's due for a breakout. Chart looks pretty ready for it.
@Zeroface, Day Trading like that is not profitable in long term.And it is stressful
Zeroface berkkarabacak
@berkkarabacak, I guess it all depends on how you manage YOUR profits, and YOUR portfolio. For me it has been profitable. This is a long position for me. I take my time with it, and make sure trades. I do not trade in USD. I trade in BTC value. I set my limits where I will end up with a larger amount of bitcoin than when I started. I then sell my accumulated Bitcoin when it's value reaches my target in USD. I buy back in on the dips. I never sell all of my coins at the top, nor do I spend all of my cash at the bottom. I'm not out to get rich quick. I am not telling you to day trade in this way. For me this method works. I understand some people want to avoid taxable events. I don't scalp this chart a million times a day. I set precise orders, and wait. A lot of waiting.
Zeroface Zeroface
@Zeroface, Also, sometimes just doing nothing and waiting through the dips is profitable as well. If you believe in a project's longevity and have done your research, then hodling when the chart is down a little bit or sideways should not not be a problem. I held all of my XRP for a very long time believing it would do bigger things. I even bought more when it hit $0.80. To be clear, I do not believe in Ripple Persay. I believed simply it would get bigger. I believe in IOTA as a project. I believe it will become more valuable. This chart is just for anyone interested, and because this is a community space to share ideas and thoughts. If you do not agree, you do not have to look at it. Thanks for checking it out though!
@Zeroface, Great of you have patience.Well for you.I failed at trading now i am HODLer
Zeroface berkkarabacak
@berkkarabacak, Yea, there are times I definitely won't even bother doing it. It can be tedious, and I have lost money when I first started. I think the biggest thing about day trading is not to over trade.. But at the same time I've seriously placed an order and scalped it within 60 seconds of me putting it in. It doesn't happen often, as I find those trades to be very risky. I prefer speculation, and analysis. If my emotional state is too high I won't even look at a chart. For some people profitability depends on country as well.. I know it's taxed differently around the world... Everyone's situation is different.
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