IOTA Ready For a Major Breakout!

IOTA setting up for a major breakout. How far away? Only one way to find out, watch and observe the VOLUME . Volume drives price and right now it is staying consistent.. RSI is starting to curl upward with momentum. We have MACD crossing the signal line and Aroon is bullish . We broke through resistance at 18000 and key support at 17000 with the next support at 14000. If we break 14000 then we may see 13500 or lower. If the bulls have hold we can see 20000+. Looking at the chart now and we can see the big cup and handle which took 3 months to complete. An even bigger rounding bottom is forming and we have increasing support.
On the daily 50 MA is below 100 MA. Good thing is the 9 MA is crossing the 50 MA. 12 MA is crossing the 26 MA.
4H Chart is bullish all the way 20 MA is above both 100 and 200 MA
評論: This is turned out to be a pretty good prediction. We broke the black cup formation with a breakout that maxed out at the first blue line past 21000. Keep your on on price with BTC droppingc could have a good buy op soon. Still looks bullish imo, next target 24000, Key support is around 19900-20000
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