Tall Ascending Triangle - "Crocodile Trap" - Ends Start of March

Feeling like a long range weather forcaster here... Deeply immersed in the cryptosea there is no way I can wrap my head around next week little own expect to range this beautiful Ascending Triangle of over 100% initial height for the next 2 months !!!

The bite that preceded the triangle is the first we´ve documented of her kind.. Galloping past on a horse she is a Pure Heartbeat with awesome Volume distribution Spike..

On close inspection she is a Heartbeat Lightning Bolt Left Hand Axis Cross with Descending Volume Distribution "\", Peak Sell Candle Volume is greater than Peak Buy Candle Volume ....

Her Ascending Triangle has max below 0.5 fib and she dropped out of the 0 fib for a bit there making her consolidation more bearish in nature than her cousins..

We´ll sit back and see what she does while ranging her axis of consolidation that appears to be 0.236 and rising with max at just below the 0.5 fib..

The length of this Rat Trap warrants her to be called something more colosal like Crocodile or Godzilla Trap

Best of luck Heartbeaters !!
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