IOTA's Rough Oscillations and Possible Break Out

Mapping oscillations with regards to fib trends. Hoping it won't cross the up trend support as that won't be a good indicator for iota and would likely end in a drop. For now it looks like it is heading for another rise on the 29th; check the graph for the green horizontal lines indicating its predicted rises and check in when it is approaching them. It could be some explosive growth since iota hasn't moved in a larger scale uptrend for some time, just oscillating up and down till a breakout. Don't buy till you see it break-out for a sure-run then follow it up. I might be following the rise in the discord chat if I'm not following an xvg breakout. The gains on IOTA if it does break out could near doubling your money assuming nothing else interferes. Been seeing a lot of bull trends fall out recently.
評論: Still in a compressing formation lower support trend can be drawn from Dec 3rd, 18th and Jan 5th.
What do you mean by your update? sorry I am a newbie. cant really understand that january 9th update well
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