Disclaimer: Anything that I say is my own opinion. I have been doing my own personal research and believe that IOTA is an excellent investment. After following it for a few weeks I made a small investment. Any money that you invest is your responsibility. Do some research and learn about the currency yourself before putting your hard earned money into it. This is not a "pump and dump", it is just a friendly investor sharing his insights.

I'm in love with IOTA. I love their different twist to crypto currencies and really believe in their ideas. If you do not know, IOTA is not blockchain technology. IOTA has the tangle, look it up on Youtube to fully understand the technology.

Now in the past IOTA surged tremendously and had an extreme correction the following days. It has been essentially floating and dropping for the past few days. I believe that in it's current state we can see some serious surges from IOTA and its at a time for us to buy.

So lets get started!

***I personally use Ethereum to do my transactions/transfers to altcoins. If you use BTC then your graph may look slightly different. Keep that in mind when purchasing.

Firstly, as marked in my graph, I put an orange line at the bottom to be the support. IOTA has been hanging out around this line for the past few days and essentially has been falling back on it.

This is where IOTA will be showing it's lowest numbers.

The solid light pinkish/purple line is the 5 minute resistance line for IOTA. This is where, I believe, will become IOTA's new support line when it starts picking up.

The solid purple line is the next resistance line that IOTA must break through. After breaking through this line we will start seeing some tremendous gains.

So the best time to buy IOTA is in my little blue box. This range is between 0.00520443-0.00492402 give or take.

***Now of course before doing any major investments, we must make sure we have a stop-limit. I always believe that a stop limit should be around 5% give or take. Some people like to do stop orders around 7% so whatever you believe I think you should do. ***

The first milestone is the blue dotted line. (0.00552433) (Realistic) (Sell 10%)

When IOTA hits this milestone we will begin to see some selling. This is normal and IOTA may fall back to the solid purple line.

The second milestone is marked at the green dotted line (0.00592475) (Realistic) (Sell 10%)

Just before Christmas IOTA was playing around this number. I believe it may be an excellent milestone and will be a great little gain for you.

The third milestone is marked at the orange dotted line (0.00636049) (Realistic) (Sell 40%)

This may take a week or so, depending on how fast it takes IOTA to break the resistance line. Be calm and realize this may take some time.

The fourth milestone is marked with the red dotted line. (0.00037690) (At least a few weeks) (SELL REST)

IOTA is a long term investment, therefore, this may take a few weeks. Keep that in mind and make sure you want to sell your remaining shares.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! Any questions or insights are greatly appreciated. And as always, happy trading!

-von braun
交易進行: Rough start in the beginning, but IOTA showing signs of a surge. Still a good time to buy!
Doesn't look too good.
With the (very) recent surge in ETH, do you think IOTA will follow ETH into a quick rise?
von-braun andrewgauker
@andrewgauker, Yes I believe that IOTA is building up for an explosion. It is hanging out on the support line, it is just a matter of time before we see a huge surge in price.
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