Current IOTA-Bubble Prediction

Hey People!
This is my first analysis on tradingview so please be easy with me :) also english is not my mother language so again please be easy :P

IOTA is in my opinion one of the few project with a great future. Sure there are always reasons why a project can fail, but so far the outlook and the partnerships promise big things. Obviously the team knows that real life business is as important as the actual technical situation. I like that they build infrastructure before hype and make everything with a common sense.

For my analysis I think we are right now in front of the end of wave 4, which I expect to end at around early mid of March. The all over sentiment on iota is low, this means for traders to buy in.
If Iota hits the last target of around 17-20$ it would put it on 3rd place on market cap with a mcap of 47billion, this is very possible in my eyes, once the hype starts, mixed with some good news (I believe that the chart makes the news and not other way around), it will easily hit this target.

For the rest I think this analysis is very clear. Enjoy and please leave a comment with constructive critique :)
評論: Yes Baby!
Thx, think so too, :)
imho all depends on BTC now
bean212 Pulsaric
@Pulsaric, yeah I thought so. Actually I think in the middle of march they will correlate both and that will be the time of btc rise as well, I just think in IOTA are the bigger gains. Thanks for your comment!
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