IOTUSD is going UP

I see the opportunity to BUY IOTUSD
it is going up
I think it just finish making short term support
I think the target is 1.01
it is probably hit the target soon maybe 1 or 2 days
If you like my signal or analysis please help to follow and like
Enjoy trading
I see and follow all your work and I see that you analyze based on your experiences, this is very cool, I am with some doubts, if you can help me to become similar to your actions I thank you, first doubt is about the amount in% of the I have to go into every purchase. Can you help me?
putdejudom marcosfelipecfbr1
@marcosfelipecfbr1, % of your investing depend on personal thinking I will say , If you want to risk big , you gain big ... but if you risk big and it move against you .... that is also big loss so on personal preference
i'm With You ! Good Look !
putdejudom marcosfelipecfbr1
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