@IOTA dreams

Market Cap. 120 billion here we come. In 5 weeks to Mars because fomo and stuffs.
評論: I just realised how bad this chart is. lol
but maybe if you adjust it in this way it should be better:

3 green bars for first rally in summer 2017
5 green bars for second rally in late 2017
and about 10 green bars for the next rally from week 15 in 2018.

So by this logic I'll be having a big party by mid June. Than I'll try to short it, loose everything and be starting the next semester in college with the same amount of money I've got today.
Why? Because IOTA is the future and will go to the Mars, just like Old Musky.
But don't be running around telling all the fools. They will be carrying their bartcoin bags, homeless, sleeping in their lambos at night.
評論: oh btw. this is obviously no ARMA model or any of that good stuff I just multiplied random numbers.
so please don't take this as financial advice. that would be highly retarded.
The timeframe needs some more room, anyway the tech is really good ;)
It's not possible if you look at market cap I think
ddmoln TheDudeForex
@TheDudeForex, I'm obviously just dreaming of lambos, boats and jets. :)
@ddmoln, Well, then dream on I think? ;)
Dreaming my dreams...

Possible, may be not in 5 weeks but until december. why not
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