IOTUSD (D): Iota is out of the mud. > 2 > 4 > 8 USD

VW has a remarkable cooperation with Iota. Bosch too. Bosch and VW are able to make IOTA to a standard in the automotive industry. IOTA broke the 300MA and is on the way to 200MA/100MA (green Circles). All of this could trigger a long upward trend. i'm long.


Fibo 0.382 = 2.32 USD
Fibo 0.618 = 3.55 USD
Fibo 1 = 5.80 USD
Fibo 1.618 = 8.75 USD

Psychological barriers are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 USD.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
評論: IOTUSD (D): Next step up possible ...

評論: IOTUSD (D): chart update ... on track up.

評論: IOTUSD (D): chart update ... IOTA broke MA100 and MA 200 as expected. further up possible.

評論: IOTUSD (D): situation chart ... up as expected

評論: IOTUSD (D): after the very strong performance of the last few days, a correction is okay. IOTA is currently moving within the trend channel. how deeply it corrects depends on BTC. A sideways movement is also possible until the support line is reached on the righthand side.

評論: IOTUSD (D): update. consolidation at 2 usd.

評論: IOTUSD (4h): update. nice "W" at 4 hour chart ...

評論: in addition IOTBTC ...

評論: IOTA (D): Boom ...

評論: IOTA (4h): 4h-close high above resistance ...

評論: I just heard this news, maybe one reason for the upswing: with the release of Qubic Smart Contracts in the IOTA Tangle network will become possible. there will be Oracles. Oracles allow data to be collected outside of a blockchain. Oracles can be combined with Smart Contracts. For example, Smart Contracts could access external data through Oracles and as soon as these fulfill a certain value, the Smart Contract triggers an action. It will also be possible to outsource computing power. The price could continue to rise as a result of this news.
評論: IOTA (4h): retest of the resistance and start of a bull flag ...

評論: IOTUSD (4h): loading up ...

評論: IOTUSD (12h): nice move up. chart update ...

評論: IOTUSD (12h): chart update ... iota moves "correctly" within the trend channel.

評論: IOTUSD (D): chart update ...



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@weslad, thx. good for swing trading.
weslad btcinvests
@btcinvests, yes but always lock profit as the market surging up.
@weslad, :-)
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@btcinvests, hi any updates on iota? I was looking at 1d chart and have noticed a possible of h&s?
@Aitoyko, i would say, no h&s. update done ... :-)
Is it normal that at a price of 8$, capitalization will be greater than that of BCH?
@Broglie, yes, of course. look at ripple last year. bch is a purely centralized and manipulated coin. and then don't forget the market capitalization at its peak. iota had already reached 5 usd. many coins could rise in the long run. of course only those that are unique. in the end there may be a maximum of 5-10 percent of today's 100 percent coins/tokens left. and that's where the entire market capitalization is concentrated. iota can be such a token, because it uses a completely different technique. it is one of a kind imho.
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ultracoin btcinvests
@btcinvests, right again...
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btcinvests ultracoin
@ultracoin, :-)
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