IOTUSD (1h): IOTA break resistance. 8 USD possible.

9803 69
The last weeks we saw a falling wedge .
Now IOTA breaks the resitance.

Target: Max. Fibo 1.618 = 8 USD

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
評論: boom ...

評論: next step up ...

評論: next short stop 5.50

評論: ATH ahead ... and more up.
評論: fasten your seat belt. maybe next up ahead ...
ATH will break.

評論: ATH!!! :-)
評論: next up possible

評論: IOTUSD (15min) update: wait a few more minutes and we know if the correction is finished and the way goes up again. the next short stops are marked.

評論: IOTUSD (15min): next break out possible soon ...

評論: IOTUSD (4h): possible way up ...

評論: sorry. here the correct screen shot ...
評論: IOTUSD (1h): update ...

評論: IOTUSD (2h): update ... We could be in a decision triangle and we could also be in a rising wedge. The situation is still blurred.

評論: iotusd (3h): the situation needs to be re-evaluated. as long as the direction of btc is not clear, all alts have to be seen in the context of this situation.

評論: iotusd (3h): rising wedge support broke.

評論: iotusd (3h): iota could have broken short term resistance ...

評論: iotusd (8h): we are getting closer to the stronger support line. a substantial up could be possible soon.

評論: iotausd (2h): nice up as expected.

評論: iotausd (1h): possible next target 5 usd.

評論: iotausd (2h): update - the resistance line has been successfully tested. the resistance line could now become a support line. this could start the second wave up.



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Thanks for the continuous updates.
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btcinvests SuperShibe
@SuperShibe, thx for your comment. you always welcome. lets watch the movement ...
IOTA is in the process of ripening for some time through this period - it has consolidated nicely and has good upside potential for sure. I will follow this trade through ;-)
@JN9797, I'm your opinion, too. thx for your comment.
dzadzulo btcinvests
@btcinvests, watch for listing on coinbase as well... I'm not saying it will happen but chances are good
today 30.12 and does IOTA keep it track?
btcinvests tientruong2412
@tientruong2412, no, it depends still on btc. direction of btc still unclear.
dzadzulo btcinvests
@btcinvests, very true. Iota follow btc. If we get over 14200 on btc over night we ate in game..
How important are write ups like this? basically saying it got a number of issues at the moment - mainly because they have written new encryption so it hasn't been tested in for years... just curious. The last line says "whilst interesting do due diligence before investing" implying maybe its not investment worthy at the moment. But for pure trading it might not matter depending upon how 'green' the buyer is.
Are we going up from here. Thanks for your TA
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