Trend reversal times after Bullrun?

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Just an idea.
As we can see @OMG/USD, there are possible H&S formations, showing trend reversal signals after bull runs. Panic? Or just taking profits (fire and forget)?
In my opinion, we might see same pattern here. So let us wait ans see what will happen. Always trade carefully and don't risk more than you are wiling to lose.

Happy trading!

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評論: It's not over. Second attempt with new target .55
Nice chart, although I think you forget who exactly is buying IOTA, IOTA buyers tend to see the technology and future of it and tend to keep it, which will make it never go back under 0.7. The fact that there is only 1 exchange providing IOTA makes me think people are actually putting in effort to get IOTA's. I don't see any reversal soon. Joris
confusion JorisVanHoecke
hey, thank you for your comment. I think the market is saturated for the moment and there will be a reversal. But we probably we have to think bigger. So the price can drop to .6ish, re-enter upward movings and then drop down to .55. I don't see IOTA to be back in the 1$ region next few weeks.
In my opinion the buyers want to make cash. I don't like that, but I have to endure ;-)
One day, IOTA will be back.
Nice call. It touched the .7199 briefly then bounced back. Does that mean we will likely move upward again?
confusion Aitoyko
I don't think there was a bounce, it's rather a thick neck? ;-)
Let's see, what will happen on .64ish line.
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