Time to get the hell out of the NASDAQ

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Its possible that the nasdaq can grow another 10 % but that is the MAX. It is very likely that the Nasdaq will see a massive collapse this year. As soon as you see the Nasdaq composite hang on 6800 again its time to short all stocks!

You have to realize that stocks have been pumped with printed money, this is causing huge inflation on the long term. And will render all american companies useless. Now that trump is trying to start trade wars and real wars, its really not helping the stocks trust me.

Facebook google and twitter are becoming old technologie and will be replaced with crypto technology.
The problem is the call for the crash has been going on for 5 years now. It's got to the point where no one believes it will crash. When it does it will be one of the biggest crashes in history..TIC TOC
Your simple analysis made me laugh.. so pure and true
real war - what happened in 2003?
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Marginbuu marberisking
@marberisking, it may not happen this month, but i expect something crazy this year for sure, either a major war ( world war 2 like, but worse ) or a financial crisis.
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marberisking Marginbuu
@Marginbuu, 2003- Iraq- the market went up
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@Marginbuu, The US stock markets are overdue for a major correction.
jdgpro Marginbuu
@Marginbuu, WW2 like but worse? Ummm I doubt it.
I concur.
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