JEC Uptrend - Buy and hold

I started having weekly fundamental analysis in addition to my stocks analysis as a part of a project im taking part in, this week while searching for a stock in XLI i found JEC which had 3 positive quarters and a positive growth expectency due to contracts the company was able to sign, it aligned well with the charts and thats how this post was born.

they confirm what seems to be an early trend in the making, good luck.
Benny, where you put your stop? The last move is not to stretch from your point of view?
Benny.Atia AlexashaVas
@AlexashaVas, Hi and thanks for the reply.
I strongly agree, and when posting it i knew its an issue.
so currently its more of a follow up till there is an opportunity + testing my analysis long run.
Benny.Atia Benny.Atia
@AlexashaVas Now is your chance to possibly join this trend, manage your risk accordingly and good luck.
Benny.Atia Benny.Atia

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