FX:JPN225   日經 225指數
Hello, traders!

NIKKEI 225 formed a bearish wolfewave and made a good move below the line 2-4 being supported by medium volume .

Opened sell position, but as the price bounced from fibo fan 61.8, it may retrace to line 2-4 later. If so and supported by divergence/volume, this can become an opportunity for more shorts.

GL All!
交易進行: NIKKEI is slowly drifting South being confirmed by declining RSI. Relatively low volume doesn't indicate change/acceleration of current trend in either direction.

手動結束交易: Closed the sell yesterday - while markets were falling globally, https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NI225/... kept going down quite slow along with them, but didn't change it pace at all and lost only 0.26%

Today, it bounced back and currently, NIKKEI is staying in range without any attempts to breakout in any direction.

It is possible that the opportunity to re-open shorts will appear later if orange minor WW will be formed and the move after formation of point 5 (orange) will be supported by divergence/VOL/news or data.

交易進行: Re-opened 2 shorts at 5-2 point of WW. RSI divergence, increasing volume at 5-2 and global markets being down yesterday and possibly continuing this trend today are supporting this attempt.

Current 5-2 is the last opportunity for purple grand pattern to fulfill its primary goal (point 6). If 5-2 is being broken, the pattern is no more valid.

交易進行: Dangerous bullish counter wave formed at m30 - preparing to exit if it is confirmed working.

RSI divergence is supporting new wave.
The volume doesn't demonstrate it clearly and along with global stocks fall, may be (hopefully! :-)) will break this formation and keep downtrend.

But if anyone is following this or similar setup and want to be safe, I would recommend to close/put SL at breakeven (at least most of) positions with little profit.

Wolfe Vs Wolfe is always risky battle ^^

手動結束交易: Just closed everything earlier with few pips of profit as the price bounced from point 5 of new bullish formation. Currently it is approaching line 2-4 and has chances to break it.
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