The Next LISK, NEO, ETH -- To The Moon. KOMODO

BITTREX:KMDBTC   Komodo / Bitcoin
1423 11
Komodo is about to make many people very very rich. No technical analysis -- purely FA based. Research it and you will know what I mean.

Best of luck.
評論: Comment: Follow me on twitter. The link is in my profile here on trading view. I post all charts to twitter also and you can get live notifications.
交易進行: Its coming ... the rockets, planes and the moon.
交易進行: Slow and steady.
交易進行: I am accumulating as much KMD as I can. I suggest you do the same. These prices are dirt cheap.
交易結束:目標達成: Soon. This is a longer term hold. Hold it ... do not sell. Buy more. Moon is confirmed.
交易進行: Sorry ignore last status ... trade is ACTIVE ACTIVE ACTIVE!!!
交易進行: To the moon.
評論: Still active.
nice call. What do you think now? I see price decline from 0.00085164 to 0.00062110. Is this a bad sign or we keep HODLing?
Nice prediction dude!
What will help kmd tremendously would be a listing on a new exchange.
I have been in kmd for a couple weeks now. I was just about to give up and spotted this idea. Do you still feel positive on it?
@elcto Hello, could you please update on KMDBTC if possible?
electo GameStarts
@GameStarts, Soon.
@electo, is it bullish signal? Could you please provide some target levels? Thank you.
is KMD good for a long term investment?
@mvb1, Decentralized exchange, decentralized ICOs, bitcoin tumbler. I would say yes!
electo n41r0j
@n41r0j, yup!
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