KNC 60% profit potential

BINANCE:KNCBTC   Kyber Network / Bitcoin
Been holding KNC             for a while (bought @ 2600 satoshi). Will now track it to see how much profit we can make. The big dump right now does not seem to stop the overall uptrend as we see it breaking the resistance @ fib 0.5 (still to be confirmed). If that is the case I feel the winning game could be on. At least I am game ;) I believe we can have +/- 60% profit on this within a midterm period. So, I will be following this one closely. If it breaks trough we are game.. if it bounces back and stays above support we are game..
評論: First target: 3700 satoshi
Second target: 4400 satoshi
Third target: 5600 satoshi
評論: Buy in would be around 32500 - 3300.
評論: Check out this news in which ICON will partner with Kyber.

"ICON will integrate different DEX protocols on their platform to facilitate exchange of ICX and other future ICON platform currencies. Bancor protocol will be their first DEX protocol when mainent launches this month end and Kyber and others will follow. Not just throwing Kyber’s name out there, it was confirmed they are working with each other, official partnership yet to be announced."

評論: Breaking trough resistance! Good news! Let's follow and let the journey begin!
評論: KNC broke down trough first support.. should be held up by the lower support line or may go up sooner. Let's wait it out. Overall still uptrend now.
評論: We are back on track and are starting to break trough resistance level (hopefully it becomes our support yet again). However, I see a head&shoulders forming. Let's monitor it closely!

評論: There we go: https://blog.kyber.network/new-strategic-partnership-announcement-kyber-network-icon-78bd0f572820
評論: Still in our overall uptrend pattern. It found some support again on the mid resistance. Things still looking good for this trade. HODL!

4hr chart:

1day chart:
評論: Still within our uptrend and quite above our uptrending support line. So we're good at this moment and even more good considering the volatile market.
評論: Small update on our KNC trade. Easy hold basically. Might be breaking out a bit if market cap also increases. Still in general uptrend!

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