H&S forming on $LBC

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$LBC looking mighty bearish right now. H&S completed indicating a significant drop. Becareful if you're holding bags
This was a pure TA call. H&S is pretty obvious on it. Sometimes they play out like this just because of BTC but it doesn't stop people from trading on it. Already looks like its turning out of the nosedive but when things like this play out you need to be aware of them because if they break down, they break down hard.

No fundamentals, didn't dig into new software. RSI was bottomed out but I've seen coins with similar patterns continue down. By nature of the chart and RSI, it would be low at this point in a H&S. That being said, LBC did turn sideways and is flattening out with a max RSI on various timeframes.
@CryptoLink, I think it was a good call. I am bullish on LBC but you definitely have to be vigilant of these kinds of bear flags. Thanks for the TA. I anticipated a bear trap, however, giving the sentiment of the LBC community. Hopefully, good news comes out soon and puts us in the clear.

No, STOCH RSI is oversold, it will go up for sure. Zoom out and look better graphic my friend, for example this one...

New version of lbry app is just in front of us and more lbry good news, so it would be logic to breake out this correction and strongly move up. This is just my opinion.
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isildur6780 Goodtrader83
@Goodtrader83, good chart and u're right! Thx
Goodtrader83 isildur6780
@isildur6780, Thanks my friend, but chart isn't mine, just give an example from somebody else.
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