$LRGR prepares to take the Zika Virus by storm!

Zika virus has been spreading rapidly across the globe, reaching much further that originally anticipated. $LRGR has the product to kill the virus at 'sting' point on your body and it appears to have many other uses as well.

"Jenex received a Class II medical device status from the FDA for its platform technology that is indicated for the relief of the pain, itch, and inflammation from over 20,000 different insect stings and bites, (including bees, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, black flies and jellyfish). Jenex received approval for the above claims from FDA (United States) in 1997"
評論: It has been a while coming, but it appears things are finally heating up here. Like to see this one over $1 near term.
評論: Looking good here. $LRGR sees volume and price appreciation as we head into Zika season in the US.

"Luminar Media Group, Inc., (Luminar, OTCMKTS: $LRGR) and The Jenex Corporation (Jenex, NEX: $JEN.H) report the completion of a working prototype for the patent pending TherOZap™ device. An Agreement has been signed with the University Health Network to test Therozap™ against the Zika and West Nile viruses. "
交易結束:目標達成: Happy with these gains. May be worth dip rebuy today/next week.
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