LISK - Unleashing the Beast!!

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
A wise man said: Wait for the trend; the trend is your friend!

Lisk has had a phenomenal relaunch event. Surprisingly though, the price plummeted during the event and continued to do so for 4 days. Lisk has been one of the top performers in the past 3 months and it looks like a lot of people were taking profits prior to the event, and that followed with a panic sell from weak hands!

I personally want to accumulate lisk more than EVER! A $100 lisk is coming soon, really soon.

We have reached the bottom of our channel where it looks like we are approaching a perfect buying opportunity.

We have a solid 3-month channel here that has been playing out well for Lisk and we are close to the bottom channel where in my opinion is a great accumulation opportunity. I expect the bulls to take control now! We are currently in a very tight falling wedge (2 purple lines) and we could breakout any minute.

Could we break that channel and go downwards? Maybe! Anything is possible in this crazy crypto market!


- The yellow triangle respresents our first accumulation zone where you can accumulate 75% of your position. (~200,000 Satoshis)
- The orange rectangle respresents the second accumulation zone where you can accumulate 25% of your position. (I don't think we will be visiting this zone, but you never know!)
- The blue rectangle represents the zone where you should sell your house, wife and kids to buy more Lisk.... Just kidding :) (IGNORE THIS RECTANGLE )


TP1: 255,000 Satoshis (27% Profit)
TP2: 322,000 Satoshis (61% Profit)
TP3: 397,000 Satoshis (98% Profit)
TP4: 442,000 Satoshis (121% Profit)
TP5: 517,000 Satoshis (158% Profit)

Good luck!

I am not a professional trader nor a financial adviser. Please invest/trade at your own due diligence!

If I helped you make a good profit, your donations are welcome:

LISK: 16913548886128029224L
ETH: 0x39b6D4f41C5725b40f184601789d252b27043694

評論: Buy The Fu***n Dip
評論: House and Wife have been sold to accumulate Lisk.
Will buy them back later in a few weeks/months.

Sorry Jane..... I'll be back! :D
手動結束交易: Check updated LISK TA:
I just came in to see how many wives you got lol
100% funny 100% accurate plz comment me
lol! i just came back here to see the price point for your wife.. i guess i'm too late. hahaha
What makes you think we could recover? myself think for my circumstances quite a bit of lisk I also love the project, but do not see any upcoming news that could bring change. On the contrary, I even go from another delay message of the core followed by another sell off to 90-100k sat.
@dawolv, this. everyone going nuts for the core release. its not even on the mainnet, has absolutely no effect on the price AND could also lead to yet another sell the news deal, especially if its delayed again.
haha, well.. one must really have the guts to go shopping now. i'm just hodling for now. Lisk is going a bit slow but the potential is there.
Haha I love your humor.. sorry for jane though
Hi Joefaro,

Do you have any update? I'd like to have your opinion on this :)

damn i hope we go back under 180k sats. my wife would be angry if i trade her at this price....
when lisk hits 30 on the daily rsi do you think will begin to see the bounce??
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