LISK - 2017 Outlook Bullish

BITTREX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Here's Lisk, kind of an underdog platform, but with strong team and community. They work of a DPOS model with voting for a master node type system, so they seem to have a governance model in place which is working for them. Their core feature is that they are a platform which will function in a similar manner as Ethereum , but they will have side chains implemented when they launch mainnet and they work off of Javascript. So any programmer familiar with Javascript, which there are many, can create dAPPS on Lisk with minimal hassle. For the remainder of this year, they have a rebrand as well as the launch of their platform proper.

This chart is pretty simple. A slight descending triangle which suggests a bearish quality in the short term, but the lows are getting higher inside the triangle so that may reverse soon. A couple of scenarios I see happening. I believe that Lisk will trend upward quite shortly when their rebrand happens in the next month. We may see an initial drop though, should there be another big surge by BTC . Resistance zones I've marked sync up with Fib levels nicely.

Overall, I'm a mid term holder of Lisk and depending on how rebrand and mainnet launch goes about, I may end up being long term.

交易進行: If you are interested in LSK, it's pretty much entered the top of the buy zone and is riding a nice support. BTC is struggling a bit at the moment, so you may not get much better price than this. Below .0004 would be surprising in my opinion, but you never know. I'm going to begin scaling in now and if I get lucky, will buy more on the next drop.

交易進行: So Lisk really broke out way more than I expected and the trade volume has been very high relative to its history. After such a huge drop off, as with most other alts, Lisk has really performed in the past few days. The pending rebrand is most likely the catalyst for this move.

9 Period EMA is supporting nicely and I wouldn't be surprised to see a pull back down and have it act as a support level. On the other hand, the top end of the Ichimoku cloud looks to be acting as a resistance zone. I am new to Ichimoku clouds, but my understanding is that they can act as support and resistance areas as well. Please let me know if this is not correct.

I've marked out some potential areas of resistance moving forward. Lisk should have a nice continued run up to the rebrand, and then I would expect post rebrand a strong correction. SDK is released some time in October or November I believe, so that would be the time that I would guess we will see new all time highs.

交易進行: So I actually sold off half of my holding of Lisk to lock in profits near the top recently. Then I looked at the chart in more details and realized there could still be one more push upwards coming. I've done my amateur EW count here on this recent run, and it seems that wave 5 is yet to come. From my understand of standard EW counts and projecting wave lengths, if wave 3 is longer than wave 1, then often times wave 5 matches wave 1. I've also used the fib trend extension and the previous ATH (pink line) and these all end up in a very similar area. So if you got into this trade with me earlier, there might be more to go. I've still got a good portion in there as I'm planning on holding anyway, but it will be interesting to see if this moves as projected.

Great job, sir.

Just to get it right: in your first chart (published Aug. 8th) your target is at the 1.618-Fiblevel (around 0.00255 BTC) ?
dctobkk CryptoLino
@CryptoLino, yes that is the target I was projecting. The tops are so much harder to guess, but possible that sdk release we may see that.
It's pretty rare that a chart plays out as sweetly as this one.
Great research. Thanks for the info. Good luck trading =)
dctobkk harvey-birdman
@harvey-birdman, Thanks. Still learning, but it's all interesting.
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