LSK/BTC is about to make a decision

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Lisk either breaks above or below the triangle. Watch closely for a good trading opportunity!
Tomorrow is the big conference ( 18:30 CTD). Some really nice announcements and reveals will be done. However, you know the typical ``moonboy`` and ``10x`ers``. The news might not be good enough.
For best result, join the livestream on youtube on the official Lisk team, and keep a close eye out on the charts between 18:30 and 22:30.....
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JonnieGopher Pheriannath
@Pheriannath, It's noon my time. I plan on watching as I absolutely love the project, but I will will also be watching the charts. Still, everything the Lisk team does is top-notch. I don't think anything they could do would drop the price much except an overly long wait for rebrand, SDK, et al. Anyway, we'll soon see.
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Pheriannath JonnieGopher
@JonnieGopher, Very exciting times indeed! I agree with your standpoint. In Lisk for the longterm, but it would be silly not to follow the charts today due to possible volatility!
Good luck to you :)
ducktank JonnieGopher
@JonnieGopher, what would be if they announce rebrand and sdk this year? everyone thinks its coming next year
@ducktank, They said both will be this year already. We are just waiting for the actual date, which will probably late December. The last meet-up is live right now with these announcements at the end.
@ducktank, rebrand next year.... February 20
Be careful shorting, might surprise ya!
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