LTCBTC - Great Entry

1986 16
Downward trend is reversing, resting around 38.2% retracement and Support Zone beneath. Looking good for the upcoming two weeks! X's are TP's and possible shorts, small corrections there hence minor resistance zones.
評論: We hit 0.013, first TP (X) correcting here!
評論: Pumped up all the way to the resistance zone. Will see ABC correction here
評論: Might top off at 0.018 = 78.6& fibs retracement
評論: I would play safe and sell, won't expect another massive leg up on this rise already.
評論: Im not completely sure about the yellow arrow, this one could be the next major uptrend flag for LTC after breakout out of the triangle.
評論: LTC more bullish than expected, would be great to see another leg up?
評論: Resistance points if we break up, 0.0180/0.0185/0.02045
評論: Could this be a launchpad?
評論: I know I have been posting many charts now, they are here to let you decide yourself and evaluate the scene. If this plays out (many think we are bullish on LTC). Decide what you think and please share you opinion, criticism is very helpful!
評論: Litecoin correcting/consolidation phase. To 0.014-0.015
評論: Bearish signs on LTC starting
評論: Panic sell mode initiated. Entry points from last picture should be reference point.
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TheTrex MaksimAleksandrovich
@MaksimAleksandrovich, At the entry points I put up yeah. Maybe add 0.01400
+1 回覆
Nice Chart!
I see in the last your comment. That's mean next target will be at 0.02. But I think target at 0.019 is so hight
@longhv, You were right, topped of at 0.0194
Bitstamp LTC incorporating, may be close to oldest high
Excellent review. It ended at 0.01791000
TheTrex aakashbit
@aakashbit, Ah I just saw it, good to know!
TheTrex aakashbit
@aakashbit, Didnt expect it to breach through this resistance area. Guess we can expect cup and handle now being created if we launch to new ATH!
aakashbit TheTrex
@TheTrex, only if BTC goes now above 2630 and then towards 2900? Right?
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