LTC Long on unfinished Elliot Wave sequence

369 1
Tradeable bounce off everyone's favorite fib for 3.62 r/r
Higher low combined with oversold indicators making higher lows and confirming divergences
Going for a 100% return, going to reduce risk to zero there and let the rest run
Will think of taking profits as we reach $120 on ltcusd and spot bearish divergences

High correlation to btcusd -8.87% now, and grandpa's "i told you so's" are gonna be hushed to buy even higher on this crypto space bounce when golf buddies mention they even got the Coinbase app and are unloading equities and bonds this summer.
評論: This is one gift of a trade now. Hodling and filling in that volume pocket for a nice launch. $3k btcusd will resist inevitably as we start to get these $100 pump days. I believe sub 2B coins will be benefitting immensely
交易進行: Break of $ highs has opened this up to past btc highs. Still confident about futher moves and keeping trade open.
Adding more on this entry point retest. Loving the contrarian position with 4 likes out of 264 views. BTC is gonna rip so hard from here..
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