Price Prediction For Litecoin

Price Prediction For LTC BTC Trading Pair. This is the 1-Day Trending Chart for Investors. Here I am talking about "cyclic patterns", which means averages like to oscillate above and below each other at a frequency. To better see this, scroll back in time. 1) You''ll notice the MA 50 oscillates above, and then below the MA 200. 2) You'll notice the EMA 15 always oscillates above, and then below the MA 50. Having said...

In the short-term, the cyclic nature indictates the next cycle of the EMA 5 10 15 will cycle down and cross the MA 50 (as the MA 50 comes up). So, expect LTC price to drop in the short-term.

In the intermediate-term, the cyclic nature indicates the MA 50 will cross the MA 200, which is a Golden Cross. Our last Golden Cross was on April 13, 2017. Our last Death Cross was about six months later on October 16, 2017. The cyclic nature calls for the next cross to be a Golden Cross. However, we don't yet know how long we should expect a Death Cross to last. It's only been 2 months so far, anticipate just under 1 month left (early-mid Jan 2018). But sooner or later, the MA 50 will cross the MA 200.

Entry Points
1. The best Entry Point would've been when the EMA 5 10 15 began to slope upward
2. The next best entry point would've been when the EMA 15 crossed the MA 50
3. The next Entry point was when the EMA 15 crossed the MA 200

Exit Points
1. The best exit point would've been December 13. The price position was too far from the EMA 15, and the RSI was way overbought. Sell!!!
2. The next best exit point is now. Start thinking about exiting, as the EMA 5 10 15 are going to start sloping downward in the next few days
3. The next Exit indicator would be when future EMA 15 crosses below the MA 50, or MA 200, whichever is first. Shortly thereafter, begin to look for an Entry Point.

When you see the bottom of the future EMA 5 10 15 cycle, BUY. Then you can hold for months and watch your investment soar!

Maybe this is why Charlie Lee sold all his Litecoin, he simply knows a downtrend is coming. I hate to see it go down, but such is the cycle of a crypto life. Ups...down...up...down. I'd be very interested to hear what others have to say about this, if this assessment is correct.
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