LTC Enter now, we are primed.

879 5
Basic tripple bottom caution on this entry, but big picture is that we have found support and profit taking looks to be over. Its time to see this thing take flight... I have heard some talks about LTC LN news pushing toward the end of the month.

取消訂單: BTC - Hardfork inbound... closing this trade with this news. buying lower.
Thanks for this charts bro and the hardfork update. I have a margin open and I will close it with the losses instead of holding like I was going to.
nice pick
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LTC took a beat down...
Profit trading
WhaleBearMan aandp4life
@aandp4life, yea with this coin and its history... there were some large bags that needed to get dumped, its clear skys from here.
tks bro
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