LTC Looking for a DROP to $92 On This Name

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$LTC Looking for a drop in this name to at least $92 perhaps more. #trading #bitcoin # fintech
would love a drop to 92. however, i did buy at these levels just in case ltc runs off. chart looks good for longs.
please stop using "we", your ass probably only have 100 bucks in your bank account and you already think you a goldman sachs hardo lol
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@Ramimns, Actually as we've posted numerous times we write our own algos so please don't post nasty comments on our thread you really add zero to the debate
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@Ramimns, Actually I think we might have a better idea - are you in the USA? Have an attorney we can both agree upon to escrow funds if we make a small bet as to our results vs yours hotsot? Name your price.
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two weeks straight and could not get ltc to feb 6 lows....keep dreaming
@GazMema, When LTC hits $92 or even a bit below please at least come back and comment again and good luck - you'll need it if you're a stuck long LTC here - which we assume you are.
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GazMema london55555
@london55555, I once sold at 54, then 125, then it went to 375, there is a lot of prices that will work out for you and for me....good luck. i never lose
@GazMema, "I never lose" Then we should probably hire you. Absurd and exactly how traders go broke. We'll see you at $92 .
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GazMema london55555
@london55555, well, i wish it goes to 84 or better 75 so i load while you think it will go to 50 and wait more
Based on what? I see no TA here..., and your last two LTC references on this chart point to LTC goin lower when it never hit those targets (97, and 92)
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