Litecoin Is Ready To Break Out

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Target $34
評論: Buy the bull flag set up aka the handle of the cup
I'm impressed, didn't see the play until two or three days after you called it. I only know basic candlestick analysis and using EMA's, I've read charts for at least ten years but am impressed with your ability. I have to admit I don't see what you did on the 9th, what made you call this (brilliantly)? The fibronocci retrace? What are the two lines that cross on the 9th on your chart, if you don't mind me asking? ETH had some legs today and it might have another leg in it - you called the target and beyond. I took only 5% profits about $3 above your target, saw it just now, after ETH has been consolidating around $37.5. Will be looking for you in the future. @RichBianco
YMula RichBianco
@RichBianco, Thank you for your comment Rich, I've studied charts for 4 years now and I have a variety of indicators or tools I use to help me forecast price. Fibonacci retracement/extension alongside the application of Elliott wave theory helped me spot the bullish nature of this chart. I also rely on the EMA's to confirm support or resistance. To answer your question, the 8EMA crossed the 13EMA on the 9th and that is the first bullish signal, however I always wait for the throwback(test of EMA's) before entering a trade. Also to note, a week before this date, I also published this chart which might help explain further why I was bullish -
@YoungMula, Sorry this was actually the corrected version of this chart after I realized I miscounted the ABCDE pattern
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