LTC looking really good for a new ATH.

Long term formation ascending triangle . Candelstick touched the line perfectly, i see its up and i have bought more. Chance to get in now to get a cheap price on LTC. Maybe that Charlie lees huge surprise is that Lightning network will arrive 2018 and if it does LTC will moon.
- Longterm = 600.$ 2018
- Short term = 300$
Make your own analysis, this is just my point of view.
If you stretch it upwards a little there isn't a chart out that doesn't look like a more complete cycle .. get ready to climb again
The point of the lightning network was to help bitcoins slow and expensive transactions. If anything, the lightning network would hurt litecoins price.
jmgardner austinmfcoats
@austinmfcoats, IMO it goes back to LTC's original goal. silver to the BTC gold. When BTC value is so high and cannot support daily transactions there will be a clear need for ltc and the atomic swaps th LN provides. Thoughts?
id like that but im sorry man all your ltc predictions have been wrong so far
Krowna janek.bobula
@janek.bobula, Well i guess not i havent, most of my predictions is solid, they have went as i thought in short term. Im not god to se what prices will end at, but in short term i have been accuratly and i try to be realistic as possible, im not hyping the price, just looking at the graph and finding patterns that i believe in and they may not be 100% but this is for me a learning curve and i learn by mistakes and i like that you comment. thanks for that! :) lets look at LTC for what it is, for me this is longterm holding.
afreet77 Krowna
@Krowna, yes,LTC most undervalued ,BTC keep killing its rally more than any other coin
Krowna afreet77
@afreet77, I agree my friend, thanks for commenting :) LTC to moon!
JN9797 Krowna
@Krowna, Well said. Keep up the work and dont take the naysyers personally. You have to be in it to win it.
Krowna JN9797
@JN9797, Hi mate, thank you! i love when people commenting, all kind on comments are accepted here exept haters ;) i like having a conversations about the crypto space. i hope that more people soon get more involved and come out with more ideas. Thanks for commenting, i totaly agree with u!
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