LTC/USD : Target 480$ (800% Profit Potential)

KRAKEN:LTCUSD   萊特幣 / 美元
Here is a nice potential entry on litecoin .

Accumulation of :

- Bullish Structure
- Fib & support confluance
- Trendline retest
- Standard deviation
- LTC do have a great market penetration , the coin can easily reach 500$ .

There is 2 targets on the chart

2018 Will be a good year for me and my followers , don't miss the train !
交易結束:達到停損點: Stop reached , next !
** Put your stop Loss in profit when first target is hit **

You can follow me if you want more high probability setup !

I've been loading up on LTC at sub $300 prices since it was still in the 60-70 range. HODLing til the big boom to 4 digits.
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The move up is still valid imo.
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@Trevf98, Agree :)
AlexTrade Trevf98
@Trevf98, It should have another leg down to aprox 200$ range then shoot
@AlexTrade, Agreed. I am thinking we'll see another leg down closer to 210-220s then up
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Hi. I think Wave of LTCUSD.
Patience patience patience
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How is that 800%?
Foralex PRO aoeuaoeu
@aoeuaoeu, the reward is 8x the risk.
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