LTC - Elliot Wave correction alive and well

Correction continues....look for bottom Sunday Monday. If you folks like me posting let me know I will continue.

I am not an expert but your EW count seem wrong to me:
brbfl xilef94
@xilef94, I am always learning and trying to improve - thanks for the feedback. Counting waves is an art! :-)
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xilef94 brbfl
@brbfl, Wave 3 is always longer than wave 1 for instance. There are some rules you can find about Elliott waves that will help you to make a valid count but there will still be times where it's not gonna be possible to be 100% sure
it seems like the price is moving up instead... what is the expected bottom price on sunday/monday?
brbfl Doktav
@Doktav, I am thinking bottoms around 170/180
In the preview image it looked like you were one of those FUDsters calling for $30 like the guy whose post I read yesterday, but nope. Whew! :) I'm looking for a target of $150-160 near term also and then will see how things look from there.
You're accounting for litepay upside after I presume, yes?
brbfl NickPadovani
@NickPadovani, Well see what happens when correction ends - If I was going to bet money ;-) I would say we will begin a new Elliot Impulse Wave (12345).
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