Litecoin about to crash ?

Litecoin appears to be forming a Double Top reversal pattern around $345, and buying power is decreasing, this might be the end of a great ride (for now), and a good sell signal

Proposed Resistance Levels:
  • Resistance 1: $320.00
  • Resistance 2: $345.00

If it does complete the double top formation, and nothing unusual happens "news wise" that could give it an extra boost, my expectations for main support levels would be:

  • Support 1: $240.00
  • Support 2: $190.00
  • Support 3: $160.00

I'd love your feedback on this, if you find this useful, please leave a comment and like :)

Your donations are also most welcomed:
  • BTC: 1JXEPrRKVuvjv1g4hRtzouvdPdTJGhdpFw
  • ETH/ERC20: 0x45df5e8b9642f83fd9b6eceb7b796457897bd079
  • LTC: LdQVNjEYqh1Sk1CHzwZjtRhViwcQcjog5K
  • XRP: rU4pRgi3AKRbZgyzytSgTeXg6Ffv3hobxP
  • DASH: XdbNXEjsMmB2BL1nSCdRpckFWeh1hVhzbs
  • ETC: 0x0dc265a79c470ba696685222c23c1fb4617e36dc
  • ZEC: t1SPjjfonNwATH78Q1HR5HdgPGQHkkR41oX
取消訂單: Price broke Resistance 1 & 2 @ ~$360.00
Idea's out of play

P.S: To all the "very kind" comments out here: I've stated previously that i'm still learning and fairly new at this, and there's no shame in trying to learn, we all got to start somewhere right?

Trading 101: if you're looking for other people's TA's as trading strategy, then you're in the wrong business. You gotta trade you're own strategy, make your own decisions, and take responsibility for your own actions.

With that said, every time i try to make an informed decision before placing a trade, i read other TA's, thoroughly explore the charts, and browse the market sentiment. And if things go the way i planned, i'd be grateful, if not, i don't go around throwing insults, i just learn from my mistakes and move on.

Anyway, Thanks everyone for the feedback, i did learn a lot!
評論: Looks like trade worked out somewhat well, it hit many predicted levels and now consolidating
So you're the guy who took that huge dump on GDAX today. Thanks alot... You should have just said hey I'm gonna dump a few million at 1pm on 12/16. That would have worked out much better for everyone involved. Now I need to wait one more whole day to make my ten percent rip on Litecoin
@TannerJ i predicted fair buy in price yesterday at $321 and the actual buy in price was $315 at minimum RSI before the late morning bull run to 359.

My new predicted price is $335 to $350 but with such positivity, i'm just buying in at $360 that apparently is being offered to everyone who wants it.

I recommend you do the same IMO at $360 right now
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TannerJ rook2pawn
@rook2pawn, will definitely consider that! thanks :)
When the guy in the wallstreet suite tells you something is gonna crash you better start loading up.
TannerJ MikeMacalalag
@MikeMacalalag, I'm not a wall street guy, but thanks for the nice thought :)
donation??? you have some balls my lady..
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can i ask you something? Is this your real haircut or is this photoshoped?
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TannerJ kryptospecht
@kryptospecht, I'll take that as a compliment, thanks
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@TannerJ, shure, its great, thanks
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It has a lot of neat colors, but no real neat info. Litecoin likely going for a larger breakout, especially after Christmas.
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