$LTC Looking for a DROP to $93 on this name

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#LTC Looking for a drop to the $93 area on this name. #trading #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin
評論: LTC was at $208 when we made this call. It's now at $140 ish and NOTHING has changed we're still looking for $93 before this is over.
You said LTC will go to 97 when it was 280, then it went down to 101 on Bitstamp. So I count it a big hit!

Let's see what will happen this time.

On the other hand, haters you better take this guy serious. Especially I wait for 142 usd ZEC. Really what can you lose if you put a sell order 150 and if happens thank London5555?
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london55555 asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, Thank you
your pulling number out of a hat
london55555 michaelampofo
@michaelampofo, Thank you for the reply but perhaps you should go back and look at our track record. Have a good day.
london55555 michaelampofo
@michaelampofo, p.s. You're obviously a stuck long so in the future rather than making comments you don't back up with charts/fact perhaps you might want to consider looking at the downside risk not just the upside before entering a trade. We won't bother replying to you again you add nothing to the debate.
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What sort of indicators are alluding to this, if you don't mind my asking? I've been toying with the possibility of us testing new lows.
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london55555 NickPadovani
@NickPadovani, Thank you for the reply. We write our own algos so we don't post them here just the number we're looking for we are very deep value investors not daytraders - our calls are always long term very deep value areas we're looking for as a potential entry point . Good luck.
NickPadovani london55555
@london55555, Thank you sir, likewise!
u again ?
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