LTC is going to make a move here: But when?

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LTC has some advantages with faster transaction computations and the fact that it has been sitting rather quiet lately as a high ranking crypto currency not getting much press. But when it wakes up it might be the next ETH as ETH moves into the ranks of BTC and ETH might even take over BTC . Got LTC?
BTC sh*t the bed - again
@Mandlebrat, It sure did. This could really be the beginning of a huge sell off now as many investors move their money around from their storage devices and back on exchanges and really cause some major problems overloading exchanges and so forth causing MASSIVE CAPITULATION.
Mandlebrat thunderpreacher
@thunderpreacher, it could be..... or it could just be a shakeout before another leg up... who knows- eyes on the markets I guess.... with everything thats coming up and the recent price action - some volatility was to be expected, nothing goes in a straight line up forever hey? that being said global markets look like they are going to get shaken up over next 6 months- and so there is a lot of yield hungry funds looking for a home...
Mandlebrat thunderpreacher
@thunderpreacher, Also 8 straight up weeks for BTC historically = dangerzone for a correction. .. my one fear for this LTC breakout that the charts have been signalling was BTC pulling back like this.. IF it is a short pull back and recovery - then LTC should/could have a clear run this week .. Bitstamp launch coming probably in a few days - really am looking to see if we just hit the local bottom - really its over to BTC now to lead the way today
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