LTCUSD - For personal reference

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This graph is my amendment to MagicPoopCanon's graph. It's just for my personal reference.
then publish it as private
Taiwan_Bear urbanknight
@urbanknight, How do you publish as private? Sorry I am quite new to TradingView.
urbanknight Taiwan_Bear
@Taiwan_Bear, there is a lock icon near the publish button click it to switch between private and public
Taiwan_Bear urbanknight
@urbanknight, Much appreciated. I will publish it as private in future
urbanknight Taiwan_Bear
@Taiwan_Bear, no problem looking to see your public analysis and charts :)
Taiwan_Bear urbanknight
@urbanknight, most of the time I just followed MagicPoopCanon's ideas except this time I think my idea is more likely to happen, and hence why I posted it my own version just to see whether my prediction was right. By looking at the volume since the recent dip on the 6th Feb, I do not think BTC will just pierce through the downtrend channel at the first go. Then, when BTC did pierce through the downtrend channel on the 20th, but without much volume. It felt to me that the bear is still in control.
I believe that the bears want to create a large inverse h&s - first, to shake out weak hands the last time as those people think that BTC will crash and/or go down further than $6000, before the inverse h&s becomes apparent; second, once the inverse h&s becomes apparent, people will have the confidence that BTC will pierce through the top of the downtrend channel. This is when the bull comes back.
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urbanknight Taiwan_Bear
@Taiwan_Bear, I appreciate sharing your analysis it's likely will happen also MagicPoopCanon's mention that it could go down and the inverse h&S may fail in his recent analysis
Taiwan_Bear urbanknight
@urbanknight, I am glad that I had the chance to share my graph with TradingView users. Unless I am confident enough to post my own analysis, I will just do it privately cause I don't want to mislead other users.

I do enjoy MagicPoopCanon's TAs, he is one of the best so far. Another person I would recommend is Funtrader - Vera. Unlike MagicPoopCanon, she is looking at graphs from a broader/longer term perspective. Not much information is given in her post, but most of them are quite accurate.

I'm from Taiwan as well, pleasure :)
Taiwan_Bear LibranSagittarius
@LibranSagittarius, Haha...it's my nickname. Nice meeting you.
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